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Stop the spread.
Social-distancing works!

Social distancing & proximity tracing tool for companies

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This is a picture of the Lansitec BLE Tracker with all the features the device offers
This is a picture of the Option Cloudgate with all the features the device offers

PROXIPASS™ application

Management software with analytics, alerts, notifications and anything else you might need

The most important KPI's for the social distancing rules can be easily checked via a dashboard. Thanks to this objective information your enterprise can guarantee a safe work environment. More detailed information about recent contacts between the devices and persons can also be consulted and may be crucial in stopping rapid infection.

Screenshot of the application platform
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no smartphone needed

A wearable device can be worn during working hours instead of Smartphone

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Low battery consumption

As the device works with LoRa and BLE, the battery consumption is very low

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No faulty settings

The product will be delivered with optimal settings and is provisioned in the application platform

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Affordable Bluetooth Technology used to measure the distance

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The ProxiPass™ uses a secure, stable and dedicated network (LoRaWAN)

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Easy to install and can be used very quickly